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Business Finance

SME Finance

In addition to the traditional credit markets, a value chain based approach to lending will be adopted. These will be identified with the view of being experts in the selected industry value chains.. Facilities will be provided with a maximum tenure of 6 months and all projects will operate from at least an average return of 40% per month within any cycle. The facilities may be collateral based or security will be on the back of the associated cash flows from the business. The model will attempt to leverage the following based on existent and developed comparative advantages.

The product offering of the borrowing entity shall be such that perpetual demand for their product should exist.

A corporate character analysis will be carried out before a facility is granted. Character dwells on issues of soundness of business judgment, as reflected by a customer’s willingness to honour obligations, length of time in business and client’s position in the market. Lamcent Capital (Private) Limited is guided by background information of the company, namely:

  • Type of business,
  • Company directorate,
  • Management and their experience levels.
The client will be expected to provide the following:-
  • Customer Know Your Client (KYC) documents
  • 3 months trading records
  • Trading Licence
  • Proposed security documents
  • Minimum trading period of 1 year

Order Finance

Loans are advanced to individuals/ corporate entities to finance specific, verifiable orders of goods to reputable companies and the discount of verifiable orders. Credit verification will be done against the company to which goods are supplied. Payments will be made directly to Lamcent Capital (Private) Limited account with a nominated institution.

Asset Backed Finance

Facilities will be accessed on the back of security lodged with Lamcent Capital (Private) Limited. Generally the value of collateral must be at least twice the size of the credit required. As a general rule, Lamcent Capital (Private) Limited will seek for assets to cover 3 times capital advanced plus interest.

Product Offering

We offer Salary based loans, SMe(Small and Medium Enterprise) finance and Order financing

Meet the Team

The team is made of individuals with varied experiences and specific skills in General Management, credit management

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