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Lamcent Capital provides capital and experience to outstanding growth companies. Lamcent Capital’s investment approach focuses on funding high quality middle market companies where we can add substantial value through our capital, our experience and our broad network.

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People are the essence of our business and the passion of this company is driven by the spirit of Ubuntu, which defines our attitude toward our clients, staff, shareholders and other stakeholders.
We understand that a business cannot succeed without strong ethics and trustworthiness. Integrity therefore forms a key part of our core values.  
We are committed to consistently providing the best service and high quality products available and leave a lasting impression to all lives that intersect with our business.
Progress, through consistently pushing the boundaries to come up with the freshest and most relevant ideas.
We live by the motto: be the best, do your best, give the best. Our unwavering commitment to working together as we understand that unity is an undefeatable force.  
We live by the motto: be the best, do your best, give the best.  

Governance Structures

What truly sets Lamcent Capital apart is the wealth of experience that our team brings to our investments. Lamcent Capital’s Partners have been successful CEOs and business leaders themselves. Lamcent Capital’s team includes our Executive Advisory Board made up of nationally prominent business and financial leaders

Lameck Tarupuwa
Executive Director
George Gwatidzo
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