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About Us

Origins & Historical Background

Lamcent Capital is a company incorporated under the laws of Zimbabwe in September 2013. The company was granted a Moneylender’s licence by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe on 10 June 2015 under licence number 000652. As such, Lamcent Capital is a credit provider, which amongst its credit products are finance for Huawei mobile and technology related devices. This is achieved through strategic arrangements with Huawei technologies and its accredited distributors. The company has also established other strategic documents enabling them to finance hardware products, household goods in addition to the cash facilities.

Lamcent Value Proposition

At Lamcent Capital we do not only sell financial services, but we provide an alternative route to prosperity by empowering Zimbabweans through the provision of capital and relevant training to start and maintain projects We seek to encourage our clients to have a second income source to ensure financial security in an economy with dwindling job opportunities. We as Lamcent Capital are here to partner you as you track towards income beyond payslip, since we provide the capital and the necessary knowledge to ensure the success of the desired project. The economy now demands every individual creates employment rather than seeking it... Lamcent Capital is there to ensure that everyone realises their hidden potential. We have to choose a project that we are passionate about, examples of projects we can undertake are not limited to;

  • Sewing uniforms (office/school)
  • Poultry – day old chicks; broilers (baby & full grown); eggs; buy & sell
  • Buy & sell cattle, goats, rabbit
  • Freezit-making – wholesale &/or retail
  • Mobile ice cream
  • LPG gas station (mobile)
  • Mobile money agent
  • Catering – low cost sadza, Fast foods – chicken & chips
  • Peanut butter – (toll) making and selling
  • Car wash/tyre repair services
  • Interior decor – making and/or buy, sell & decor etc

IT CAN BE DONE but one needs to avoid poverty thinking or having a scarcity mentality.
Instead of saying I can’t do it or it’s not for me, ask yourself ‘How can I do it’.
2016 hakuna anofanira kusara kana kuchema nhamo Let us help you chart your financial future as we are “Fluent in Finance”

Product Offering

We offer Salary based loans, SMe(Small and Medium Enterprise) finance and Order financing

Meet the Team

The team is made of individuals with varied experiences and specific skills in General Management, credit management

Contact Information

22 Kent Road, Chisipite, Harare
Phone: +263 782 408 655
Cell: +263 734 503 939,
+263 716 417 217
E-mail: tungamirai@lamcentcapital.com

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